All parts are American made and carry a one year warranty.

Power is supplied by a non-spillable 12-volt, gel-filled better, which emits no fumes. this battery has no charge memory - it does not have to be fully drained before charging.

Locking castors allow for easy maneuverability and are positioned to balance the support the weight of the occupant. The unit can easily be rolled from room to room.

The drainpan, headrest, and sturdy backrest are all adjustable up and down as well as forward and backward.

No installation, remodeling or assembly is required.

The Wheelchair Recline is rated to lift and recline 400 pounds.

The standard platform will fit wheelchairs up to 31 inches wide.

The dimensions of the platform are 31 1/2" wide by 36" long. The dimensions of the unit, when the platform is resting on the floor, are 31 1/2 by 5' long.

Slide Lock Knobs

Hand Control

Back Stem

Drain Hole and Plug

Locking Castors


Charger Plug


Adjustable Control Arm shown in left position

Adjustable Control Arm shown in right position

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